I used to make costumes of most periods, up to about 1830 for men, 1900 for women and children, researching in as much detail as possible, using primary sources such as original garments in museums and private collections, and original patterns.

However, as I am virtually retired, and no longer work full-time as a costume maker, I only rarely take commissions, usually from previous customers. I no longer take on new customers. I do not make wedding clothes of any kind.

Please, please check the Questions page before contacting me, especially students looking for placement, or work experience, and anyone looking for costumes to hire. Answers to your questions should be found there.

I do not have any costumes in stock, for sale or hire, as every item was made to order. Everything was designed and fitted individually, using original fabrics where available, or good quality copies, as you can see from the following pages and pictures.

I still give talks and demonstrations about what I did, showing actual garments and materials and drawing on over 40 years’ experience working with costume for theatre, including the R.S.C., the Royal National Theatre, Amsterdam Opera, film, T.V., museums, and for static displays, re-enactors, historical dancers and costumed interpreters.