Books and Educational Projects

Boy, 19th Century

I have written 3 books on historical clothing, with patterns, for children to use. Under the general title of Clothes from History to Make and Wear, they are Biblical Clothes, Tudor Clothes and Early Victorian Clothes. Published by Young Library, they are out of print, but might still be available in libraries in the U.K.

I also provided costume history notes for a teaching resource for Key Stage 2 and above. Published jointly by the English Folk Dance and Song Society, Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society, and the Grand Union of Folk Dancers, it is called Understanding Victorian Society Through Dance.

Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, Walsall Museum and Art Gallery, and the New Art Gallery at Walsall have had costumes made for their education programmes, both for adults and for children. Gunnersbury Park Museum, and Sutton House, both in London, have had child size underwear for use by schools, and I supplied a pair of gloves to the Tower of London, in London, for their education programme.

I also made an English Gable Hood for the Museum of London, for people to try on in the New Medieval Gallery, where there are several items of replica clothing.