15th Century Clothes

15th Century Houppelande
Rennaissance Gown

There is a wide range of medieval costume to make, up to and including the fifteenth century. Dark Ages, Saxon, Viking, Norman, Italian, Burgundian, Flemish and English are some of the better known European styles.

Many of the clothes that I make from the fifteenth century are copied from paintings, Books of Hours, and manuscript illustrations in museums and art galleries, as there are very few actual garments available to copy.

I have made various clothes of this period, from a gown in purple velvet with a 7 yard hem, to a medieval houppelande for wearing over armour, seen above.The houppelande has a double-headed eagle hand-embroidered in gold thread and appliqued on the back. Also see Embroidery.

I have copied medieval banners, 30 foot long, for use in battle. The research for this was quite fascinating, involving getting information from the College of Arms.

For an earlier period, a sideless surcoat over a kirtle was a great success.

There will shortly be photographs of gowns I made for a banquet at Barley Hall, York, worn by members of the Richard III Society. These will be posted on the Picture Gallery soon.