Embroidered Stomacher

My interest in embroidery has led to me copying 18th Century accessories such as stomachers and bags. An earlier example is the 15th Century houppelande (coat) with the double headed eagle both embroidered and appliqued.

I also hand stitch leather and fabric bags (see Photo Gallery) and gloves of the appropriate style, together with soft hats, caps and headdresses, both jewelled and plain.

Ruffs and cuffs, pockets (as worn by Lucy Locket!), stomachers, to be pinned over a corset, (above), and waistcoats are some of the smaller items which involve research and care in making.

Ruffs can be many different sizes and shapes and sometimes need frames (supportasses) to rest on. The one on the left is a small, washable ruff, quite easy to wear.

For other pictures see workshops and the Photo Gallery, where I have added pictures of accessories made recently.