Fantasy Costumes

Ramirez Cloak

Many fantasy costumes have their origins in medieval styles. For example, those in the films Labyrinth, Krull, The Princess Bride, Legend, and Excalibur can be reproduced providing one does not infringe copyright.

Vampire films such as Interview with the Vampire, Sleepy Hollow and Bram Stoker’s Dracula are also sources of interesting costumes, and Lord of the Rings has given me a few new ideas.

Ramirez (above and left) was based on 16th century men’s clothes, and I have now made two reproductions in velvet based on his costume from the film Highlander. The peacock feather cloak, (the peacock is a symbol of immortality!), had no origin in anything I could find, but is strongly reminiscent of various native clothes such as the Maori and Inuit ceremonial cloaks.

The gloves were hand-stitched from fine leather, see also accessories. The hat was provided by Catherine Delaney, which I then decorated.

These clothes are frequently worn by people who are involved in Live Role Play rather than re-enactors, but more and more often I find I am using these ideas for alternative weddings.

Unfortunately I am not able to make Spiderman, Superman, or other superhero costumes as these are outside my area of expertise.